NavigAID SLE: Patient stratification for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

NavigAID SLE is a stratification tool that separates and defines subgroups of SLE patients in order to overcome disease heterogeneity, and support biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with their drug development programs.

SLE is a flaring autoimmune disease characterized by a diverse range of symptoms including skin rash, joint pain, and even seizures. Despite its prevalence (approximately 5 million people worldwide), just one drug to treat the condition has been approved in the past 50 years.

Challenges such as the high level of disease heterogeneity between patient groups and the incidence of placebo response rates in clinical trials continue to act as barriers to drug development.

NavigAID SLE is a stratification tool that separates and defines subgroups of SLE patients in order to overcome the disease heterogeneity challenge.

The tool is able to help ensure enrolment of an appropriate SLE patient population, can identify patients with high disease activity, and can help monitor SLE-associated organ damage. NavigAID SLE allows for the identification of more homogeneous patient groups, overcoming the heterogeneity of SLE to allow for the development of a precision medicine approach.

To find out more about how NavigAID SLE is being used for patient stratification, and can feed into clinical development programs, download the white paper.

NavigAID SSc is a disease stratification array designed to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with their SSc drug development efforts by defining specific disease subgroups via the straightforward measurement of serum autoantibodies.

NavigAID SjS is a patient stratification tool that measures serum autoantibody levels in Sjögren’s patients, in order to help to characterize the immunological processes underlying the disease and help facilitate the development of more effective therapies.

NavigAID RA is a patient stratification tool that measures autoantibodies in serum to help group patients based on the immunological processes underlying their condition, to help advance the development of precision medicine treatments and approaches.

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