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Multilisa® IVD Products

Our diagnostic offering

Diagnostics (Dx) and companion diagnostics (CDx) are extremely valuable tools for the improvement of patient treatment via more personalized and targeted therapeutic strategies. Protagen is applying its proprietary biomarker discovery technology, SeroTag®, to develop novel tests in the areas of autoimmune disease and immuno-oncology.

Through the detection and application of autoantibody signatures in patient serum, Protagen’s assays can accurately diagnose and profile individuals suffering from chronic and debilitating autoimmune conditions, enabling early detection and diagnosis.

Discover our pipeline of diagnostic tests from biomarker discovery and development to market-ready, CE-approved IVD products, across a range of autoimmune indications with unmet diagnostic and therapeutic needs. Proprietary biomarkers identified and validated within this process can also be licensed from Protagen by partners to support commercial diagnostic development efforts.