IVD Products

Our diagnostic offering

Diagnostics (Dx) and companion diagnostics (CDx) that enable personalized treatment strategies are extremely valuable for improving therapy outcome and patient´s benefit, especially in the area of autoimmune diseases. We are applying our proprietary technology for detecting autoantibody signatures in patient serum to produce tests that can accurately diagnose and profile individuals suffering from chronic and debilitating autoimmune diseases, allowing the early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of autoimmune disease.

Multilisa SSc

Discover our pipeline of novel diagnostic tests from discovery and development to market-ready, CE-approved products across a range of autoimmune indications with unmet diagnostic and therapeutic needs.

Multilisa SLE

The Multilisa SLE® provides a more accurate diagnosis by utilizing new and established auto-antigens to create more highly sensitive and specific tests compared to currently marketed products.

Multilisa RA

Protagen has focused on identifying novel biomarkers to reliably identify RF/ACPA negative RA using its proprietary SeroTag platform.

Product Development Pipeline

Protagen is uniquely positioned to synergistically combine the largest global human protein libraries with high-throughput identification of disease and treatment markers in patient samples (SeroTag to develop diagnostics and companion diagnostics.