Data and Insight

As part of our mission to advance the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, we have analyzed the immune responses of over 20,000 patients and healthy controls, leading to a unique, comprehensive, and permanently growing database. Our strong internal data and knowledge base, in combination with ICH-compliant data reporting, is key to academic and industry collaborations.

Scientific publications

You can find out more about our technology applications and projects, and see in detail how these have been applied to successful diagnostic development projects.


Drug Discovery World, Spring 2017 edition

Featured article: Protagen's Dr Peter Schulz-Knappe and Dr Georg Lautscham discuss why carefully monitoring the balance between immune repression and stimulation during cancer immunotherapy will lead to the development of more successful treatments, and suggest why autoantibodies are already showing great promise as powerful tools in this process.

Conference presentations

Here you can see some of Protagen's most recent conference presentations and posters, where the company's latest advancements in disease research have been shared with delegates from around the world.


Autoimmune diseases are inherently complex due to their numerous and frequently overlapping spectrum of symptoms, which can make reaching a conclusive diagnosis, and prescribing the correct medication difficult. Here you can download our whitepaper to see why fighting autoimmune disease requires a more personalized approach.