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Here you will find a number of our visual resources that help explain some of the disease areas we work in, and the challenges we are overcoming. From animations to white papers and eBooks, see below for a number of downloadable resources.

Immuno-oncology eBook

Cancer still accounts for nearly 1 in every 4 deaths worldwide. New immunotherapies have the power to reduce its influence on human health, but their success is often limited to a small subgroup of patients. Not only that, but clinicians are also faced with new challenges with managing harmful immune-related adverse events (irAEs) that arise as a direct result of the treatment. So what tools do we have at our disposal to predict a wide spectrum of rare and sometimes fatal irAEs? And can we locate biomarkers that will allow clinicians and drug developers to effectively predict treatment response?

Addressing the balance animation

The immune system must be kept in careful balance. Impairment of the immune system leads to cancer, whereas overstimulation results in autoimmune disease. Treating cancer with immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors (CI) and/or therapeutic vaccines aims to reactivate the immune system resulting in a treatment response, however this often results in an overstimulation and can lead to irAEs and autoimmune disease.

Fighting autoimmune disease infographic

Autoimmune diseases are inherently complex due to their numerous and frequently overlapping spectrum of symptoms that can fluctuate within an affected individual, shifting between phases of activity and remission. This can make reaching a conclusive diagnosis and prescribing the correct medication exceedingly difficult, potentially resulting in a patient failing to receive the right treatment in a timely manner.

With an estimated 1 in 6 Americans affected by some form of autoimmune disease, it is now imperative that better diagnostics are developed to alleviate not only the sizable financial strain on healthcare systems, but to ensure that patients receive the correct diagnosis. Thankfully, biological marker systems are already being developed to help unravel symptom complexity and stratify patients. Companion diagnostics and disease-specific biomarkers can then be implemented to identify individual diseases and give clinicians the power to ensure patients receive the right medicine. These developments are ushering in an era of personalized medicine that will facilitate an early diagnosis and rapid treatment for those suffering with autoimmune disease.

NavigAID SSc white paper

Biomarker research holds great promise for the identification of distinct SSc patient subgroups and the development of successful novel therapies. This white paper provides an insight into the latest research developments that are set to revolutionize the way SSc is diagnosed and treated.

NavigAID SLE white paper

NavigAID SLE separates and defines subgroups in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), overcoming heterogeneity and enabling new approaches to successful drug development.

Scientific Publications

You can find out more about our technology applications and projects, and see in detail how these have been applied to successful diagnostic development projects.


Protagen’s thought-leaders and experts regularly contribute technical and opinion articles to some of the industry’s most respected editorial publications, on the topics of autoimmune disease and immuno-oncology.

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Here you can see some of Protagen’s most recent conference presentations and posters, where the company’s latest advancements in disease research have been shared with delegates from around the world.

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As part of our mission to advance the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, we have analyzed the immune responses of over 20,000 patients and healthy controls, leading to a unique, comprehensive, and permanently growing database.

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