Protagen’s thought-leaders and experts regularly contribute technical and opinion articles to some of the industry’s most respected editorial publications, on the topics of autoimmune disease and immuno-oncology.

Featured article: In our latest piece, Georg provides insights into how autoantibodies are already proving to be the biomarker class of choice for predicting immune-related Adverse Events (irAEs) in patients undergoing cancer immunotherapy, helping us to realise a future of safer and more effective treatment. Take a look at the full article here!


  • Predicting the Future of Cancer Immunotherapy: Using Autoantibody Biomarkers to Drive Safer and More Effective Treatments; World Pharma Today; Nov 2018 (external link) 
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  • Protagen is Taking Biomarkers from the Bench to the Bedside; xMAP® Insights; Jul 2017 (external link)
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  • From Diagnostics to Companion Diagnostics – Targeting Autoimmune Diseases; Clinical Omics; Dec 2015 (external link)
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  • In Autoimmune Disease, Finding Clarity Beyond the Genome: Stefan Muellner, Protagen AG; Mendelspod; Feb 2015 (external link)
  • Protagen Raises EUR4M for Serum Diagnostics; DOW JONES News Report; Jan 2015 (PDF)
  • Neue CDx-Konzepte für Autoimmunkrankheiten; Stefan Müllner; Transkript; May 2014 (PDF)
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