As experts in autoimmunity, biomarker identification and immune-system profiling, Protagen is well equipped to support the pharma and biotech industry with effective immunotherapy development. Protagen’s predictive biomarker screening tool, SeroTag®, enables the profiling of autoantibodies to better understand the molecular characteristics of different cancers, as well as the mechanism of action of common immunotherapeutic approaches. A valuable approach as the industry looks to overcome the barriers to successful immunotherapy, such as low responder rates, immune-related adverse events (irAEs) and autoimmune disease. Download our new whitepaper to learn more.

While immunotherapies such as therapeutic vaccination and checkpoint inhibition hold great promise for treating cancer, they currently only work effectively on a small subset of patients. In addition, as they stimulate the immune system to target the body’s own cells, they can also trigger irAEs and even the onset of autoimmune disease. Immunotherapies are designed to reinforce our own immune system in its battle against cancer. However, despite making great strides in recent years, developers of immunotherapies have run into some obstacles when applying them in human clinical settings. One key challenge is the fact that the immune system is held in a fine balance; too little activity and cancer cells can avoid detection and destruction, but too much activity can cause autoimmune diseases to develop. As such, cancer immunotherapies must be designed and monitored to ensure they do not throw the system too far out of balance. Another challenge is that current immunotherapies typically work on a limited number of patients. Consequently, predicting whether patients respond favourably to treatment has become crucial in progressing cancer immunotherapies, meeting regulatory standards, and safeguarding patients. Protagen uses a precision oncology approach that helps to ensure that new cancer immunotherapies will be both effective and safe. Protagen’s SeroTag® screening tool enables the detection of autoantibodies which can be used as effective biomarkers of disease to better identify patient subsets. Profiling patients’ autoantibodies using SeroTag® can provide therapeutic developers with a wealth of valuable information, ranging from the patient’s responsiveness to such treatments to their risk of developing autoimmune disease. For those patients undergoing therapy, this biomarker driven approach can also provide information for the diagnosis and treatment of their autoimmune disease. This will help the better selection of the appropriate therapy for each patient and increase the probability of success.

To find out more about how biomarker discovery can enhance cancer immunotherapy development, and what the future holds, download our new whitepaper.

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