It’s personal

Improving the lives of patients is a personal matter for each and every member of our team at Protagen. You’ll see this in the passion we apply to the discovery, identification, and validation of novel biomarker panels for better diagnostic (Dx) and companion diagnostic (CDx) tests. It is demonstrated by the commitment and expertise we bring to our partnerships when working on clinical development programs. Our dedication to advancing diagnostics for personalized medicine is evident in everything we do.

Diagnostics Differentiated

We are adding a new dimension to the world of diagnostics. Our SeroTag biomarker development engine delivers unique biomarker signatures. The disease-specific signatures that we identify, often based on novel markers, are the basis for new diagnostic strategies that will improve the differentiation and stratification of patients. The result is a new medical scenario in which disease states are recognized earlier, and medical care can be more specifically and effectively provided.

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Protagen AG Appoints New Board Members to Expand Expertise in Diagnostics Commercialization

Protagen AG, the technology leader in the development of novel molecular diagnostic and companion diagnostic tests for autoimmune diseases, has elected Dr. Dirk Ehlers, CEO of Trumpf Medical in Puchheim, to the company's Supervisory Board.

Simultaneously, Wolfgang Kintzel, Senior Investment Manager of NRW.BANK in Düsseldorf, succeeded Dr. Aristotelis Nastos as representative of NRW.BANK, and Matthias Guth, was appointed by MIG AG in Munich, to follow Michael Motschmann in his board position.

Protagen AG Achieves Significant Milestone with ISO 13485 Certification

PROTAGEN AG, a company concerned with the development of advanced diagnostic tools to address some of the most severe autoimmune diseases, has received the ISO 13485 certification, and now officially complies with the internationally recognized quality standard for medical devices.

NavigAID SLE - Protagen zooms into the micro cosmos of Autoimmune Disease

PROTAGEN AG, a company dedicated to the development of powerful diagnostic tools to address some of the most severe autoimmune diseases, has today launched NavigAID SLE, a patient stratification array, to support Pharma and Biotech companies with their Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) drug development efforts.