It’s personal

Improving the lives of patients is a personal matter for each and every member of our team at Protagen. You’ll see this in the passion we apply to the discovery, identification, and validation of novel biomarker panels for better diagnostic (Dx) and companion diagnostic (CDx) tests. It is demonstrated by the commitment and expertise we bring to our partnerships when working on clinical development programs. Our dedication to advancing diagnostics for personalized medicine is evident in everything we do.

Diagnostics Differentiated

We are adding a new dimension to the world of diagnostics. Our SeroTag biomarker development engine delivers unique biomarker signatures. The disease-specific signatures that we identify, often based on novel markers, are the basis for new diagnostic strategies that will improve the differentiation and stratification of patients. The result is a new medical scenario in which disease states are recognized earlier, and medical care can be more specifically and effectively provided.

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Protagen Successfully Closes New Financing Round

PROTAGEN AG, a leading specialist in the development of novel diagnostic tests and companion diagnostics in the autoimmune field, today announced the closing of a new financing round. In this round, QIAGEN N.V., joins existing investors MIG Fonds, Munich, NRW.BANK, Düsseldorf, and Protagen Management.

This is the first closing of a financing round with a total volume of € 10 Mio. The second closing with additional new investors is planned for the third quarter of 2015.

Protagen AG signs collaboration with QIAGEN to develop novel protein based companion Diagnostics for autoimmune therapies

Protagen and QIAGEN partner to offer pharmaceutical companies an innovative companion diagnostic development platform for autoimmune disorders.

Collaboration with QIAGEN to accelerate market acceptance for SeroTag.

Protagen AG Launches Landmark First Research Test Kit for Systemic Sclerosis

Protagen AG, a company dedicated to the development of powerful diagnostic tools to address some of the most severe autoimmune diseases, has today launched its first ELISA research use test kit for Systemic Sclerosis (SSc), the ADx SSc Multilisa®. Protagen developed the new assay to synergistically combine two proprietary, novel disease markers with two standard diagnostic markers to support medical research in autoimmune diseases.